Don’t put up with bad tasting water

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How to Choose the Best Water Filter for You!

There is really no reason why you should not enjoy the water you drink. However, if it smells or tastes bad that could be due to non-toxic environmental side effects, which may signal a more serious issue requiring immediate measures. There are many contaminants in our water due to bacteria, algae, industrial waste, broken pipes leading to seawater or sewage entering the system, dirt, debris or minerals. The problem could even be your own septic tank or well.

Filter bottled water too

Boiling water is very helpful, but it is not a long-term solution. In fact, all water should be filtered — even bottled water. Filtering the water you drink is environmentally friendly — the vast majority of tap water filters do not use electricity, nor do they produce wastewater. In most situations the filter cartridge only needs to be changed once every year.

Pure water can help remove toxins

Water flushes toxic minerals and chemicals out of our bodies, and the more pure the water, the better it is able to do that. So of course it makes good sense to purify water used for drinking, cooking and ice cubes. For that you really need high quality, chemical-free water straight from the tap. A fridge with its own water filter is brilliant too. You can find a full range of filters at the Water Filter Superstore.

Chlorine filtration is easily achieved

Chlorine may be essential at the treatment plant and in the water distribution system, but you don’t want it in your glass at home, just as you would prefer that your drinking water not be discoloured by iron or minerals. The Water Filter Superstore can help you whether you need a sediment filter, chemical removal filter system, a filter for lead and metal reduction or something quite different. And can supply it for you too.

We can suggest what you may need and also customise for you

Whether you need a caravan water filter or a ceramic water filter, a drinking water filter or another water purifier, the Water Filter Superstore has been in the water purification and plumbing industry for more than 20 years and delivers a comprehensive first-class online shopping experience to meet all your water purification needs. We offer a complete range of filters and related wares, from complete reverse osmosis and under sink systems to replacement cartridges, fridge filter cartridges, shower filters, taps and bench top systems.


Take pleasure in drinking cool, clear, pure water. Cheers.