What’s sneaking through your tap?

Best Water Filter Australia: How to Choose?

Do you have a water filter? I do. Not only does a water filter usually improve the taste of tap water, but it removes the dirt, and chemicals, microscopic organisms and bacteria that can cause serious illnesses — and as long as essential minerals are not removed, filtered water is healthier than tap or bottled water.

Which filter?

Metal, fabric, ceramic and paper mechanical filters are usually used to remove sediment — dirt, debris and larger amounts of minerals, which don’t taste nice, but are not necessarily dangerous. At home, replaceable paper filters strain off fine sediment. Parasites and pathogens may be taken out by passing water through micro-, ultra- and nano-filters. A carbon filter removes the smell and taste from drinking water, which is mainly of the chlorine that many water utility companies use. Lead can be sieved through specially designed reverse osmosis filters, distillation and carbon filters. Carbon filters also remove pesticides and volatile organic compounds.

Bottled water?

Even bottled water should be filtered. Apart from being virtually unregulated and expensive, apparently at least a quarter of bottled water is simply filtered tap water. It’s wasteful too — The Pacific Institute says about three litres of water are needed to produce one litre of bottled water, and about 17 million barrels of oil go into producing the bottles each year. Then about 2/3 of the bottles end up polluting the ocean or in landfill.

Let us advise you

If you don’t need a whole-house filtration system, maybe you should consider individual drinking water and shower filter units. Carbon based tap water filters are usually the best value for money, as long as the filter cartridge is changed regularly. But since a filter cannot kill bacteria, it can become a breeding ground for micro-organisms if not changed regularly. Shower filters are important too, if you don’t want to bathe in chemicals.

Can you get a water quality report, and test your water before buying a filter?

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