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Drinking (and water itself) shouldn’t be hard

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Water Purifiers Australia Hard water has a higher mineral content than soft water from passing through limestone and chalk deposits. It is difficult to lather, and its deposits clog the plumbing, fixtures and appliances infuriatingly. In Australia water ranges from very soft in Melbourne to hard in Adelaide. Pure is best Since hard drinking water is high in dissolved calcium … Continue reading →

Don’t put up with bad tasting water

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Water Filters Australia How to Choose the Best Water Filter for You! There is really no reason why you should not enjoy the water you drink. However, if it smells or tastes bad that could be due to non-toxic environmental side effects, which may signal a more serious issue requiring immediate measures. There are many contaminants in our water due … Continue reading →

Save the Earth with one simple step

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Australian Water Filters Stop buying plastic disposable water bottles and filter your water Plastic bottles were first used commercially in 1947, but it was not until the early 1950s that high-density polyethylene was developed, and the price dropped, that they became commonplace. Now Europeans are the main consumers. Pretty terrifying figures… Around the world, a million plastic bottles are bought … Continue reading →

There’s hydration and then there is super-hydration

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Filter Systems Australia Hydration means a lot more than just drinking plenty of water. Hydration needs electrolytes — the minerals necessary for health, which influence hydration. The body functions better when its’ fluids are balanced and electrolytes steer water and nutrients to where they are most needed to perform bioelectrical functions such as muscle contractions, heart beats, and even thinking … Continue reading →

Why water issues aren’t always clear

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Water Filter Solutions Australia Throughout Australia, water utilities are fighting an on-going battle against long-term drought and growing urban population. As well as a decline in rainfall and catchment runoff, there is a drop in water storage levels. The whole world is watching Perth, which is relying on groundwater and desalination plants. However, desalination plants are prohibitively expensive, whether in … Continue reading →

What’s sneaking through your tap?

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Best Water Filter Australia: How to Choose? Do you have a water filter? I do. Not only does a water filter usually improve the taste of tap water, but it removes the dirt, and chemicals, microscopic organisms and bacteria that can cause serious illnesses — and as long as essential minerals are not removed, filtered water is healthier than tap … Continue reading →