• 0.9 Micron Absolute (10” x 2 ¾”)
  • 99.99% reduction of harmful bacteria
  • 95% reduction of chlorine taste and odour
  • 99.99% reduces cysts
  • 95% reduction lead
  • Ideal for tank water applications
  • Cleanable
  • Separate tap included


The double under sink system is our most popular system and by far the most common type of system on the market. It will give better water quality than a single bench top or single under sink system because of the double filtration process. The water first passes through a sediment filter followed by a second ceramic filter. The benefit of the double filtration is that the first filter removes the dirt and sediment which then allows the second carbon block filter to more effectively remove chlorine and other chemicals.

This system is normally connected to the water supply in the cupboard under the kitchen sink and has a separate tap, mounted at the back of the sink for the filtered water supply. The kit includes isolating tap, pressure limiting valve, tubing, JG fittings, our standard tap, single filter cartridge body and installation instructions.

The tap included is the Lever Style Long Reach Tap, however if you wish to upgrade to another tap in our range, please contact us for a price.

The filter used in this system is The Doulton Imperial Ultracarb which is an excellent filter and its ability to remove such a wide variety of metals, chemicals, cysts and bacteria make it superior to most other filters on the market today.

The Ultracarb features a ceramic outer casing with an activated carbon block inside to provide both excellent protection from bacteria and cysts etc, and treatment of chemicals and lead. The ceramic is impregnated with silver to make it self-sterilising as silver inhibits the growth of bacteria. The activated carbon is particularly good for removing chlorine and organics and there is also an ion exchange resin insert for treatment of lead and heavy metals.

This cartridge is ideal for tank water because of its ability to remove bacteria and cysts and its silver content means it won’t breed bacteria like a standard carbon cartridge normally would in a tank water situation. All tank water has some level of bacteria.

The micron rating on this filter is 0.9 Micron Absolute. The manufacturers of this product provide an Absolute rating as opposed to a Nominal rating which is more common. If this product was rated with a nominal rating, we believe this would be approx. 0.2 micron, producing a very fine level of filtration.

This filter can be cleaned, so it can be scrubbed clean and put back in the cylinder with an increased flow. The amount of cleaning that needs to be done is dependent on how much sediment is in the water supply and what volume of water is put through the cartridge.

Made in the U.K.

Fits standard 10” housing.

Tested and certified by NSF International.