• Coconut shell carbon
  • Reduces chlorine
  • Improves taste and odour
  • Removes sediment
  • Environmentally friendly
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This filter uses NSF61 Greencarbon ™ developed by Global Ecocarb Pvt Ltd.

The coconut shell carbon is made using a patented process that significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

The filter reduces chlorine, odour and taste at up to 30,400 litres.

It is made from coconut shell based carbon, which gives the water a sweeter taste.

Fits standard 10” housing.

About Greenblocks:

The Greenblock carbon blocks are made from coconut carbon which utilises a different, more environmentally friendly process to manufacture the product compared to similar products. When manufacturing a coconut or even a coal based carbon block there is usually approximately 2 kg of emissions which go into the atmosphere during the process. When manufacturing the Greencarb carbon blocks, they use the emissions from the activation process to power the manufacturing plant, preventing the emissions from going into the atmosphere and therefore being considerably more environmentally friendly. Also, traditionally coconut based carbon blocks have been more expensive than the coal based variety but the Greencarb carbon blocks are comparatively priced to their coal based counterparts.