• 95% Chlorine reduction
  • Taste and odour reduction
  • ¼” female threaded connection
  • Granular activated carbon
  • Manufacturer recommends service life 1 year / 5500 litres
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This inline filter can be used for a variety of applications, most commonly being fridge filters and replacement cartridges for reverse osmosis systems as well as being a component of other filtration systems.

It is rated for up to 95% removal of chlorine and it comes with ¼” female threaded connection. Most fridges that come with a water dispenser have the ¼” plastic tube leading in to the back of the fridge and that is where these filters are most commonly connected.

Manufacturer recommends service life of 1 year or 5500 litres, whichever comes first.

Made in the USA

The CL-Series of filters from Omnipure are simple yet dependable inline filters for a variety of uses including ice machines, water coolers, drinking fountains, as well as under the sink applications and as components in reverse osmosis systems. Superior engineering and production techniques are the keys to the success of the CL-Series. Each filter utilized a unique spring disc that keeps media under ideal pressure, eliminating channeling and ensuring an equal distance linear path. Furthermore, no glues or binders that may cause contamination are used in the manufacturing process. Instead, components are friction-welded together, producing a reliable, no-leak seal. And finally, all threaded connections are precision cut by machine with results in the more accurate and repeatable thread possible.

The Omnipure Filter Company developed the world’s first disposable inline water filter in 1969 and brought a production model to market in 1970. This filter was designed specifically to reduce compounds that detracted from the aesthetics of drinking water, namely colour, odour and taste. As the market has developed, their products have found their way into many more applications including commercial beverage equipment, under-the-sink and on the counter residential units and drinking fountains. They are also widely used as components in commercial and residential purification systems such as reverse osmosis units. Today, you will find Omnipure filters utilised in virtually any situation where better tasting water is important