• Removes 95% chlorine
  • Reduces taste and odour
  • Push-in connector – ¼” tube
  • Manufacturer recommended service life 1 year / 9000 litres
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This filter is rated for up to 95% removal of chlorine.

It comes with the push-in style fittings built into both ends which means all that has to be done is to fit the new filter is push the tube in and its connected. Most fridges that come with a water dispenser have the ¼” plastic tube leading in to the back of the fridge and that is where these are most commonly connected.

Manufacturer recommended service life is 1 year or 9000 litres, whichever comes first.

Made in the USA

The success of the K-Series from Omnipure is attributable to the innovative Quick-Connect™ fittings that are incorporated into the design. These fittings are unique in two ways. Firstly, they allow for installation of the inline filter in a matter of seconds. Inlet and outlet tubes are simply snapped into place and secured using a patented collet system. Secondly, the fittings are moulded directly into the filter body and cap as a single unit. This reduces the change for weeping and seepage. Cap and body are spin-welded together producing a smooth, consistent seal without the use of glues or binders that can cause contamination. The result of these design and production techniques is a reliable filter that is fast and easy to install.

The Omnipure Filter Company developed the world’s first disposable inline water filter in 1969 and brought a production model to market in 1970. This filter was designed specifically to reduce compounds that detracted from the aesthetics of drinking water, namely colour, odour and taste. As the market has developed, their products have found their way into many more applications including commercial beverage equipment, under-the-sink and on the counter residential units and drinking fountains. They are also widely used as components in commercial and residential purification systems such as reverse osmosis units. Today, you will find Omnipure filters utilised in virtually any situation where better tasting water is important.