Why water issues aren’t always clear

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Throughout Australia, water utilities are fighting an on-going battle against long-term drought and growing urban population. As well as a decline in rainfall and catchment runoff, there is a drop in water storage levels. The whole world is watching Perth, which is relying on groundwater and desalination plants. However, desalination plants are prohibitively expensive, whether in use or not, and they consume a massive amount of electricity. Perth and Adelaide both rely heavily on recycled water as well as desalination. Although Australians use the most water per head in the world, consumption has almost halved with people’s determination to conserve water, and the aim is 155 litres a day per person — a figure which has already been reached in the UK. Simple measures do count and almost everyone takes a shower and not a bath, gardens are watered in the early mornings and evenings, and no one leaves the tap running when brushing their teeth.

Facts and figures

Although Australia’s average rainfall is under 500mm a year, it is subject to great rainfall variability. There are few sources of fresh water and while an extensive network of very deep aquifers containing groundwater exists, no one knows what would happen to the environment and existing surface water systems if it were to be tapped. Small farm dams store almost 10 per cent of surface water, but this also reduces the amount of water entering the main waterways. Australia is the driest continent, though only 14 per cent of fresh water is used for domestic purposes. Sixteen per cent is used for mining, manufacturing and service industries and energy, and 70 per cent for agriculture. Most households reuse grey water and collect rainwater for reuse. They are increasingly installing their own rainwater tanks. Water quality varies from potable water, good for human consumption, to industrial quality, used in mining and farming.

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The above only goes to reinforce how important it is that everyone should install their own water filters and purification systems. The Water Filter Superstore is 100% Australian owned and has over 20 years of experience in the water purification and plumbing industry. We are determined to seek and provide solutions for healthy and safe drinking water for all Australians. Because water purification can assist in the removal of many unwanted pollutants and intentionally added chemicals in your water, we have become experts in the field and can advise on and supply everything ranging from complete reverse osmosis and under Sink system to replacement cartridges, fridge filter cartridges, shower filters, taps, water coolers and bench top systems.

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