Drinking (and water itself) shouldn’t be hard

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Hard water has a higher mineral content than soft water from passing through limestone and chalk deposits. It is difficult to lather, and its deposits clog the plumbing, fixtures and appliances infuriatingly. In Australia water ranges from very soft in Melbourne to hard in Adelaide.

Pure is best

Since hard drinking water is high in dissolved calcium and magnesium ions, it has been thought not to be a health risk and even to be of benefit. The World Health Organisation says that it has no known adverse health effect. However in large quantities recent studies now associate it with cardiovascular problems, diabetes, reproductive failure, neural diseases and renal dysfunction.

The benefits of drinking water

Since everyone agrees on the dangers of dehydration and the essential importance of drinking plenty of water to boost your metabolism, to detoxify and to break down food, it clearly makes sense to drink the purest, cleanest water possible. Theories suggest that water prevents hangovers, headaches and migraines, relieves kidney stones and constipation and improves physical performance, energy levels and brain function.

Filters are essential

Whatever the truth of the matter, it certainly makes sense to take care of yourself and those you love and to filter your water. Yes, you certainly should install tap filters, fridge filters and shower filters — and change the cartridges regularly. A Reverse Osmosis system removes contaminants from water by using just pressure, leaving clean, delicious drinking water. An Under Sink system is space saving and convenient. An Ultra Violet system sterilizes disease-causing micro-organisms, viruses and bacteria without chemicals. Tank Water systems make stored rainwater safe to drink. Sediment Filters are essential for wells and springs. Active charcoal carbon filters are most effective at removing chlorine, particles, taste and odour from water, but not minerals, salts or inorganic substances.

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